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Our Story

JTorry Hair is custom-designed hair extensions that provide you with longer, more voluminous hair. During her 10 year career in the bridal industry as a Hair and Makeup Artist, Jenny became dissatisfied with the quality of products available and realized that there was a need for full, voluminous extensions for her clients. Before creating her own extensions, Jenny would need to utilize several packs of hair extensions to give her clients the wedding look that they had always wanted. She understood this was not sustainable to give her clients what they truly wanted, which is when she decided to create her own line of hair extensions.

Unlike other extensions on the market, JTorry Hair extensions are dense and full from top to bottom, giving you the luxurious thick hair you’ve dreamed of on your special day or any day!

Our customers can see and feel a difference in their hair when adding JTorry Hair extensions. Because many people are inexperienced with using hair extensions, JTorry Hair is proud to offer our clients expert assistance in color matching and can provide day-of support for your special occasion.

“Look beautiful and have peace of mind in knowing that you do.”
-Jenny Torry, Founder